Doing DH and stuff in Mexico City


Last week I flew to amazing Mexico City to speak about digital archiving and economic history at the Colegio de México. It is always great to reunite with old friends and colleagues like Aurora Gomez Galvarriato (@auroraggf) and Graciela Márquez, with whom I look forward to collaborating closely in the future.It was a great event, where I not only got to talk about things dear to my heart, but I also met the impressive team of DH librarians and archivists there. Alberto Martinez (follow him on twitter @akatoxkatl and keep tabs on what the DH beyond the anglo world is up to) as well as Silvia Gutierrez (@silviaegt) are transforming the Colmex library into a DH space – keep your eye on them!

I also met with the team at MexicoMediaLab S21 to talk about gamification and education – and I would have loved to join them next week at a workshop they are organizing specifically to explore how to best match new technology with content. The Mexican Education Department (SEP) gave away 700,000 tablets  in the new school year, but failed to add content, train faculty or consider digital infrastructure requirements. On the one hand, the tablet giveaway may seem like a big waste – I like to think of it as the beginning of a conversation.Check out their amazing presentation that serves as an invitation the workshop.

Last but not least, I caught the flu that is spreading through Mexico, and hoping I would make it to the presentation  Eric Milenkiewicz (@emilenkie) and I are giving as part of the UCLA DH Infrastructure Symposium next Friday. The good news is, I am cleared to fly out of Mexico City and will be there; the potentially bad news is I may not have much of a voice. So just in case, and because the last 12 hours of this flu recovery have been very boring, I made an animated clip that summarizes our talk. Don’t question my choice of characters or music, I was working with a limited palette. And the title was supposed the be “Historians and Archivists”, but that was longer than the character limit. Also, I may still be weakened by fever and will regret posting this tomorrow. TBD.

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