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Resources/websites for those curious about Digital Humanities & Digital History:

Seefeldt; Thomas, “What is Digital History?: some exemplar projects, University of Nebraska faculty publications, 2009

Miriam Posner is an inspiration – and her website is one of my regular sources of insight and help. The fact that this page is a mess contradicts this, but the fact is I am nowhere near as good at this than she is.  Then again, very few of us are:

Here’s a good review by the AHA of why all historians (not just digital historians or archivists) should have a data management plan, and how to go about it: this is an ongoing pedagogical and digital humanities project – it was a super fun idea to develop and I keep using it and adding to it in my classes. Digital Zombies per se only gets “played” in a survey of historical methods – but the lessons from it have bled into all my classes.

Gerardo Con-Diaz is doing some amazing research in the history of software and software patenting, which I happen to think is incredibly important and cool.

Rachel Gross is doing very interesting work at the intersection of fashion and environmentalism, and the fashion of environmentalism.

My pet peeve: file naming conventions – read more about it here


Things I have written/published

“‘Digital Zombies’ — A Learner-centered Game: Social Knowledge Creation at the Intersection of Digital Humanities and Digital Pedagogy,” Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities: Volume 1, Edited by Alyssa Arbuckle, Aaron Mauro, and Daniel Powell, 2017. 

A History of Institutional Function: Mexican Notaries and Wealth Distribution, Yucatan 1850-1900“, Journal of Peasant Studies, Vol. 46, issue 6, 2016.

The Making of a Market: Credit, Henequen and Notaries in Yucatan, 1850-1900, (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012)

Una cuestión de interéses: El fin del mútuo usurario y el mercado de crédito hipotecario en Yucatán, 1850-1900,” American Latina en la Historia Económica, 2011. (Mexico)

Notaries and Credit Markets in Nineteenth-Century Mexico” Business History Review, volume 84, issue 3, Autumn 2010.

“Los orígenes de nuestro sistema financiero”, Revista Expansión.  Número especial para el centenario de la Revolución y el bicentenario de la Independencia de México, 2010.

The Marriage Penalty,” Hispanic American Historical Review, Volume 88, Number 3, August 2008.

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