For current and past students

Appointments & scheduling:

If you want to meet with me, contact me to set up an appointment, and  we will meet in my digital office here:


If you are/were a student in any of these classes and would like a recommendation letter from me, please consider these guidelines:

You want to ensure that a potential recommender is willing to provide you not only with a letter, but with a strong one. So you should request letters from faculty with whom you have successfully completed coursework of a very high caliber. Beyond that general rule, students who seek a letter of recommendation must follow these guidelines:

  • Due to the high volume of last minute requests, and my desire to devote the necessary amount of attention to recommendations, please make your request with at least 30 days lead time. This ensures that letters are properly crafted.  I will consider late requests, but I cannot guarantee that the letter will be available in time, irrespective of deadlines.
  • A request for a letter should be made in person – online or face-to-face -whenever possible, to allow for effective collaboration on the goals and purpose of the letter. Contact me to set up an appointment.
  • I prefer to email letter(s) directly to the requesting agency or program, so make sure they or you have sent me the email/link for electronic recommendations.
  • You must provide the following materials to enable me to write the letter:
Clearly identified deadline for the sending of the letter

A photocopy (unofficial) of your transcript

A draft of the personal essay that you are submitting with the letter

All relevant evaluation forms filled out with both the student’s information


Hist 20:  World History : the Twentieth Century – online 

Hist 99W: The Historian’s workshop — offered online and  open to all UC students. 

Hist 75: Introduction to Latin American History offered online and open to all UC students. 

Hisa162: 20th century Latin America

Hisa163B: Modern Mexico

Hisa164B: The United States and Latin America since 1930

Hist 191: Senior Seminar in Latin American History

Hist 197: Undergraduate directed studies

Hist 206: Materials for Latin American History, 1820-present

Hist 226: Special Topics in Latin American History

Hist 254: Digital Humanities & Digital History